2022 Major News Overview

January 16, 2023

The beginning of the year is crucial for planning of important events and milestones, but no less important for summarizing of the previous one which was quite intensive and meaningful for Sentante.

Let’s wrap-up the calendar of 2022 lighting up the most important events and achievements.

  • March, Dublin: Inovatyvi medicina is one of the presenting companies of the MedTech Strategist Innovation Summit 
  • April, London: LSX World Congress was a great place to present the robotic system and interact with the life science executives and meet interested investors
  • May: The kick-off of project awarded by European Innovation Council, where the robotic system was recognized as one of the breakthrough innovations
  • June, Leipzig: an exclusive opportunity to demonstrate how our new system works to KOL’s of Global Vascular Community
  • June/July:  few projects and experiments under active implementation
  • August: demonstrated Sentante in a highly competitive environment of the Technology Demonstrator open call wherein, Sentante was awarded with DIH Hero Demo grant
  • September:
  • CMO and practicing Vascular Surgeon, Founder of “Inovatyvi Medicina”, T.Baltrunas presented Sentante at the Vilnius Vascular Symposium 2022
  • CEO E. Satkauskas shared his insights in the Robotics Innovation as well as presented the robotic system at the LSI Europe Emerging MedTech Summit
  • November:
  • Los Angeles: SVIN annual meeting was a gathering of Vascular and Interventional Neurology society
  • London: the focus attending Inv€$tival Showcase was on making connections and establishing partnerships.
  • December: work towards new partnership opportunities and interest of strategic partners 

Drawing on all the knowledge of MedTech and vascular innovations, we continue on perfection of our robotic system and are looking for partners who would believe in our vision as much as we do.