DIH Hero TTE project – successfully completed

July 1, 2022

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The DIH HERO TTE successfully completed project enabled Inovatyvi Medicina to adopt Sentante to be used in fully robotic embolotherapy procedures. Procedure controls, interfaces, disposable components single-use cassette and preloading system was developed in this project and tested in an animal study. The successful implementation of the project enabled robotic embolotherapy procedures and opened up a new market niche for the company and its partners.

The primary target market of Sentante system is more than 3.000 cath labs performing endovascular procedures in the EU (more than 200 000 endovascular embolization procedures annually in the EU). Using the “razor and blade” revenue model and continuous revenue stream from sterile disposable components per embolotherapy procedure the company expects to quickly scale up its sales in the EU aiming for expansion to US and Worldwide markets with total market potential exceeding €4 billion.