Pioneering the Future of Neurovascular Interventions

July 9, 2024

Inovatyvi Medicina, JSC is spearheading the project “R&D in the Creation of a Robotic System for Neurovascular Interventions” (Project No. 02-020-K-0036). This initiative is funded under the progress measure No. 05-001-01-05-07, “Establishing a Coherent System for the Promotion of Innovative Activities,” specifically under the activity “Stimulating the Supply of Innovations,” which aims to invest in new R&D products, promote intellectual property, and prepare new products for market readiness. This project targets the region of Central and Western Lithuania.

Project Objective:
The primary goal is to develop an innovative robotic system designed for neurovascular interventions through rigorous R&D activities.

This cutting-edge robotic system is poised to revolutionize the medical robotics market and fundamentally transform neurointerventional procedures. It aims to enhance the precision, safety, and quality of these interventions while shielding medical personnel (doctors and nurses) from harmful X-ray radiation.

Project Details:

  • Total Project Value: EUR 3,030,980.72
  • Funding: EUR 1,998,207.55 (European Regional Development Fund)
  • Implementation Period: June 3, 2024 – June 10, 2026

Inovatyvi Medicina’s Specialisation:
The company specializes in developing the Sentante robotic system for endovascular interventions. This innovation is set to transform healthcare by making treatments more accessible to patients and safeguarding medical personnel from occupational hazards.

Contact Details:
For more information, please reach out via email at